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Lead Pipe Logic - TrantaLocked

Posted by TrantaLocked - October 29th, 2007

Click here to watch System of a Down play in November 2009 (Serj Tankian does not sing, but the rest of the band is present!) ARE YOU READY FOR SYSTEM? Watch System of a Down live!

Lead Pipe Logic has split up. Sorry guys :(

Hello! This is a basic over view of the band Lead Pipe Logic, from Simi Valley, California. Lead Pipe Logic plays basically hard rock and metal - with amazing talent all around - and the result is the best unsigned band in California. LPL has a great future in front of them. To find info and concert show times for Lead Pipe Logic, go to their Myspace page or Facebook. If you just want to listen to their songs, go to this link, and see the link at the bottom of this page to listen to their older songs.

*10/21/09* The new Lead Pipe Logic EP "The Fallen" has been released! You can purchase it here.

*6/1/09* Lead Pipe Logic is playing on the big stage at the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA on July 3rd at 7:00 PM. In Los Angeles, LPL is playing at The Good Hurt on the 10th at 10:00 PM and at Bordello's on the 18th of October at 8:00 PM. Check out specifics on their Myspace page.

*5/3/09* New songs have been posted on Lead Pipe Logic's Myspace! Mike Rene is Lead Pipe Logic's new drummer, and he sounds really good.

*12/27/08* Lead Pipe Logic is now postponing the new EP for early 2009, as they have signed a new drummer, whom needs to learn the music and become comfortable. The new drummer is supposed to be fantastic, and much more enthusiastic. I've heard from the guitarist that the new album will be more like slipknot then hard rock/metal. I hope it isn't too screamo-like though.

*9/30/08* Lead Pipe Logic has announced a date for a new EP! It is expected to come out around Halloween, and probably only available online, but we will have to see. The banner for the next album follows the article.

*6/15/08* The band plays basically hard rock, and the songs are deeper and more meaningful then songs by most rock bands. Here is a link to play their original songs. The guitarist is related to my sisters friend, so that's basically how I found out about LPL. I have attended a few of their concerts; they are amazing live.

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Lead Pipe Logic - TrantaLocked

Comments (7)

first comment YAY

Well, the first comment for this particuler news post.

Happy holidays.



Make sure to read the news post, theres a new band that started recently called Lead Pipe logic.

Unless it didn't, then it'd be another matter entirely.

Unless what didn't?

Simi Valley?

No way, I live a town over.

Cool. I actually live in Granada Hills, a branch in the LA county, but I am pretty sure Simi Valley is very close to my house (like and hour away). I went to see LPL a couple times and they are truly the best unsigned hard rock band right now. They got shows coming up, wanna see them?

I have family in Granada Hills so I know what you're talking about, lol.

I think I might go see some of their shows with some of my friends, actually, they seem better than a lot of signed bands.

The new drummer is awesome, btw. One of the best drummers, literally, to live. The one in the video is the old drummer, but the new drummer, I kid you not, is god like. I am still waiting for a newer video with him playing.

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lol who the hell are you?